The Adventures of Buratino

The Adventures of Buratino. USSR. Belarusfilm. 1975.
Cast: Dmitry Iossifov - Buratino, Tatyana Protsenko - Malvina,
Roman Stolkarts - Pero, Thomas Augustinas - pudel Artemon, Grigory Svetlorusov - Harlequin, Nikolai Grinko - Pope Carlo, Yuri Katin-Yartsev - Giuseppe - Sizy nose, Rina Zelenaya - Turtle Tortila, Vladimir Etush - Karabas Barabas,
Rolan Bykov - Cote Basilio, Elena Sanaeva - Lisa Alisa, Vladimir Basov - Duremar,
Baadur Tsuladze - Korchmar.

Author scenario: Inna Vetkina,
Director: Leonid Nechayev,
Camera: Yuri Elhov,
Artist: Leonid Ershov,
Composer: Alexei Rybnikov,
Conductor: G. Garanyan,
Lyrics: Bulat Okudzhava, Yuri EntinKompozitor: Alexei Rybnikov.

One of the most brilliant children's films of Soviet cinema, have gathered a tremendous amount beloved and talented actors.

Musical film on the grounds tales Alexei Tolstoy.
Old master Carlo cut from the boy's hilarious, calling it Buratino. Wooden boy waiting incredible adventure ...
Song "BU-RA-TI-NO"

Song "Three crusts of bread"

Song "Turtle Tortila"

Song "Duremar"

Song "Buratino"


Adventure Electronics. (Priklyuchenia Elektronika).

Adventure Electronics - a popular Soviet children's television.
Trehseriyny film withdrawn on the grounds of fantastic novels Evgenia Veltistova "Elektronik - boy from the suitcase" and "Ressi - elusive friend", written in 1964 and 1971 respectively. Television premiere of the film was held in May 1980.
It sounds one of the most famous children's songs began 80 - ies. - "cruise swings".
Volodya Torsuev - Elektronik
Yura Torsuev - Syroezhkin
Nikolai Grinko - Professor Gromov
Vasya modest - Makar Gusev
Oksana Alekseyeva - Maya Svetlova
Maxim Kalinin - Korolkov
Eugene Livshits - Chizhikov
Valery Soluyan - Kukushkina
Elizabeth Nikischihina - Masha, assistant Gromova
Maya Bulgakova - Director of Schools
Yevgeny Vesnik - mathematics teacher Taratar
Vladimir Basov - Stamp
Nikolai Karachentsov - Urri
Nicholas Boyarsky - physical education teacher
Rosa Makagonova - singing teacher
Natalia Vasazhenko - Mom Syroezhkina
Yuri Chernov - Pope Syroezhkina
Lev Perfilov - Lyug, gangsters in gang Stampa
Gennady Yalovich - Bree, a band of gangsters in Stampa
Dima Maximov - Smirnov

Of the laboratory of Professor Gromova sbegaet robot Elektronik, as two drops of water looks like a boy with magazine covers, whose appearance used to create Electronics. Circumstances shape so that doubles occur.

Serezha Syroezhkin quickly takes Electronics in circulation: invites him to go to school instead of themselves and even to appear at home. No one can distinguish from Sergei Electronics, and teachers can not able to naradovatsya student, suddenly expressed an unseen talent in mathematics, physical education, art and even singing.

Parents Sergei also did not suspect podvoha and only rejoice successes pseudo-son. But over time, the boy realizes that not stayed in business since the robot took his place in life.

At the same time, "somewhere abroad" gang of criminals acts, led by the criminal authority Stampom. He gives Urri, better gangsters from all over the gangs, the task: to find and steal Electronics, the bandits who want to participate in the "robbery century".
Song "Cruise swings"

Song "About dog"

Song "We have young children, we would like to walk"

Song "Working robots, not people"

Song of the bells.


Movie Good Bye, Mary Poppins.

1983. USSR. Children's. Family. Tale. Musical. 2ch 17 m
Manufacturer: MOSFILM
Directed by: L. Kvinihide
music Maksim Dunaevskiy
Cast: Natalia Andreichenko, Oleg Tabakov, Zinovy Gerdt, Larisa Udovichenko, Albert Filozov, Lembit Ulfsak, Irina Skobtseva, Philippe Rukavishnikov, Anna Plisetskaya, Marina Nudga, Ghali Abaydulov, Semyon Sokolovs

The fantastic story, once told P. Trevers and set out again today. Family Benks concern seeking nanny for their children. And as this happens only in fairy tale, she came directly from the air, a beautiful, nor who did not like. Just such as would have dreamed in his house all loving parents. Mary Poppins performed Natalia Andreichenko - Miss Perfection.

We can not fail to mention the excellent work facetious Oleg Tabakov, who paid tribute here cheerful tradition of male actors: changing play, play lady. Even not large, less episode, the role Zinoviya Gerda - a whole separate line in the plot, with its morals and good humour. You can look to the family, and can be - and without adults.

Song about bradobrey.

Song "Lady Perfection".

Song "Colour dreams"

Song "33 cows".

Song "Bad weather"

Song "Wind of the change"

Movie Neznajka with our courtyard.(neznajka s nashego dvora)

Neznaika from our courtyard, a feature film, 1983., 130 min. USSR, Children's.
Director (s): Igor Apasyan, Irina Yakovleva
Starring: Vladimir Torsuev, Yuri Torsuev, Valery Songin, Artem Tikhomirov, Andrei Vingavatov, Maxim Raevsky, Julia Klimova.

Musical film about boys and one girl courtyard, which in their games translated into images of heroes books N. Nosova "Neznaika and his friends."

Song "Surprise".

Song "Surprise 2".

Song "Rain"

About the Little Red Riding Hood.

About the Little Red Riding Hood. "Pro Krasnuyu Shapochku. Prodolzheniye staroj skazki"

USSR 1977.
Feature film (Belarusfilm), 2 series.
Directed by Leonid Nechayev.
At the fairy tale by Charles Perrault.
Scenario Inna Vetkina.
The operator Yuri Elhov.
Music by Alexey Rybnikov.
Lyrics Julius Kim.

Cast: Ian Poplavskaya, Eugene Yevstigneyev, Rina Green, Vladimir Basov, Nikolai Trofimov, Galina Volchek, Rolan Bykov, Stefania Stanyuta, Barabanova Maria, Maria Vinogradova, Yury Belov, Alexander Dorohina, Gheorghe Gheorghiu, Dmitry Iossifov, Rostislav Shmyrev.

Based upon the same fairy tale by Charles Perrault.
Continuation of the famous old fairy tale directed by Leonid Nechayev made a charming musical comedy.

Mom wolf decides to take revenge for the death ofRed Riding Hood son killed lumberjacks, and instructs professional wolf to catch a girl. And also teach them something useful second son, thick and good, who dreams only of candy. But the girl and not like a timid little one all of the beloved fairy tale. She likes adventure so that after meeting with the gangsters would be difficult to know who is who has been in captivity ...
Performer main role in Poplavskaya Jan 11 - years of age received the USSR State Prize for the role of Red Riding Hood. The movie bought 86 countries.
Song Little Red Riding Hood

Song "One foolish woodsman"

Song of the Huntsman

Song about star.